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Spotlight on Polling Resources

We’ve decided to spotlight some of our polling resources. Polling resources are not only beneficial during election season, polling data is conducted year-round, and on a variety of topics. The Research Center subscribes to Gallup Brain. This resource is accessible via the J-School Databases page.

Consider digging around in Gallup Brain.  A searchable database of archived Gallup Polls (from 1935 onward) and Gallup Management Journal articles (up to 2007), GB puts the fruits of Gallup’s decades-long public opinion excavation and analysis on display in a way that encourages the development of comparative perspectives.  For instance, in order to gain some unique historical insight on the present you might use the database to juxtapose current topics and trends in public opinion with others that emerged during earlier periods marked by similar social, economic, and political stresses.  (In which case, now might be a good time to revisit this poll.)  You might also break search results down demographically to track shifts and divergences in the views of different populations on a particular issue or a set of related issues over time.

There are also resources that are available freely on the web. We’ve complied a list, and it is housed on the Presidential Election Wiki. But, these polling resources are not exclusive to election season as mentioned. Polling resources give you a handle on public opinion  and historical significance as also mentioned above. This list includes polling data from Gallup, Zogby, Rasmussen Reports, Quinnipiac and Marist Polls and others, take a look here @ Polling Data.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask for further assistance at the Research Center.

-with Joel Jennings