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E-Books @ NYC Public Libraries

As many of you are aware,  you have access to close to 46, 000 e-book titles through the CUNY J-School Research Center. Here’s the handy link:

E-Books @ CUNY J-School Research Center

Did you know that with your New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library or Queens Library card(s), you can have access to many more:

New York Public Library

Brooklyn Public Library

Queens Library

If you don’t have a library card, it’s easy to sign up for one:

@ New York Public Library

@ Brooklyn Public Library

@ Queens Library

And it’s even easier to help keep these resources available, please click through the following links:

We Will Not Be Shushed 24 Hr Read In

Don’t Close the Book – NYPL

Keep Your Library Open – BPL

Save Queens Library

Cultural Institutions around New York City

Spring is in the air, and you may be inclined to explore New York City. Here are some cultural institutions that you may be interested in visiting, some are free or low-cost. The institutions are categorized by subject concentration for convenience, and link to the respective subject guide wikis:

Arts and Culture

Business and Economics

Health and Medicine



This isn’t an exhaustive list, feel free to add any institutions or resources to any of the wikis.

Getting the Most out of the American Community Survey

The United States Census Bureau is the source for all population and demographic information. But, the Census survey was last conducted in 2000.  The American Community Survey (ACS) is designed to keep information timely and to show communities how they are changing. The American Community Survey (ACS) collects information on age, race, income, home value, veteran status and other important data.  These estimates will be done on a yearly basis for geographic areas with a population of 65,000 or more.  Multi-year estimates will be done for those areas with a population of less than 65,000.

Here’s how you find data on the ACS. You access it through American FactFinder. You will then click on the American Community Survey link. After you will use the 2007 survey and click on “Data Profiles” on the right. This will take you to the Data Set, and you will use either the name or address search. For the name search, you can search by State, and then select your chosen state – New York. You can also search by the county level, you would click County, and you could select Kings County (Brooklyn). For a more concentrated search, you can use the address search, and you enter the address. This is similar to the MyNeighborhood via nyc.gov. You will be able to select the data, there’s an option for Public Use Microform Area (PUMA), see if the area matches your community district.  Once you select your search method and data set, you will see a new page, and on the top of the page, you will see links for selected data: Social, Economic, Housing, Demographic and Narrative.