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Using Vanderbilt Television News Archive

Looking for news segments?

The Research Center has a subscription to the Vanderbilt Television Archive. It has over 950,000 video news segments, complete with searchable abstracts. The archive includes evening news broadcasts from ABC (August 5, 1968 – present), CBS (August 5, 1968 – present), and NBC (August 5, 1968 – present), as well as FoxNews Reports (January 15, 2004 – present) and CNN since its starting date in 1980. The archive also contains ABC’s Nightline and Special Report coverage. We also have access to 400,000 CNN & NBC segments as well — you can access the service via our Databases A-Z page.

The Vanderbilt Television News Archive also provides a video loan service to individuals interested in viewing the archived materials from ABC, CBS, NBC, and FoxNews. Items ordered through the Vanderbilt Television News Archive Web site are available in DVD format and are eligible for an educational discount.

You may legally stream online or play items from DVDs into the classroom setting as long as it is for educational purposes. If streaming we have set up permalinks for easy quick access to the individual records.

If you have any questions about this resource — please let us know!

Want more films, videos and DVDs?

The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts has a Reserve Film and Video Collection, which recognizes itself as one of the largest collections of its kind in the nation. All you need to access this resource is a NYPL library card. You will a state-issued form of ID and proof of address in order to obtain a library card.

The Reserve Film and Video Collection includes more than 6,000 16mm films, 5,000 VHS videocassettes and 1,000 DVDs. There is a two week waiting period to screen films, so plan accordingly. The collection’s strengths are its political, social and cultural documentaries, experimental films, video art, animation, short fictional works; and films and videos created by and for children and young adults.

The Reserve Film and Video Collection is located on 65th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, here are directions via Hopstop. The collection is housed on the 2nd floor, adjacent to the Drama Reference Desk.

For hours, circulation policies and other relevant information, please visit the Reserve Film and Video Collection