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What can the Library of Congress do for you?

The Library of Congress might be one of the best free resources out there, but you’ll first need a cheat sheet on where to go and how to find it, as the Library of Congress’ website is a bit much for a first-time user. Here’s the link to get you started:


But, you ask, how might I take advantage of this veritable treasure trove?

You could start by visiting the Digital Collections and Programs section of the LOC site, where you can, say, sift through scanned images of long-defunct newspapers to wonder at the evolution of American journalistic idioms; track down presidential nominees or treaties; or simply browse around among archived, ‘historic’ Web pages.

Or if none of that piques your interest, you might try The Wise Guide, where you can go to find monthly entrees to some of the more curious or provocative gems the LOC has tucked away in its cache.

These links are really just a taste of what the Library of Congress has to offer, check back soon for more free resources from the Library of Congress and others. If you have any free resources you’ll like to see featured here, please let us know!

-with Joel Jennings