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Silk: a data tool for your research

Please consider using this product, Silk, for your data gathering needs. Silk is a place to publish your data, watch this brief 80 second video from them:


Be aware that this data will be curated by Silk for commercial purposes in the future.

Here are some examples of Silk  used by media organizations:


Also, here are some data projects by media and research organizations, including Silk themselves:

https://ijnet-journalism-safety.silk.co/ – icfj.org started this one

data.fatalencounters.org (this is actually on the fatal encounters domain)
http://lgbt-rights-hrw.silk.co/ (this is a project for HRW)
http://clematis-street-restaurants.silk.co/ – this was built by Palm Beach Post with two Silk embeds
http://smex.silk.co/ – This is a data story by a leading arabic digital rights NGO
http://naming-the-dead.silk.co/ – This story was done on Silk and was named one of three MJ Bear Fellows from ONA for young journalists.
http://google-self-driving-car-incidents.silk.co/ – This is Silk’s own data story using Google Car Crash Data (trapped in PDFs – we liberate into Silk)



American Library Association (ALA) and WikiLeaks

ALA Emerging Issues – http://www.emergingissues.ala.org/ – a website jointly maintained by the Office for Intellectual Freedom and the Washington Office, brings together information, news, and opinion about the issues raised by Wikileaks’ disclosure of classified government documents and the government’s response to Wikileaks’ activities. The site will continually add new information as it becomes available.

GO TO: http://www.emergingissues.ala.org for more information.

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