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E-Journal Finder

The Electronic Journal ( E-Journal) Finder is a resource provided by the Research Center. This resource allows you to search all of the full text journals that are online through our various databases.

To search within the Research Center’s database collection, use the following link: E-Journals

This link can be found on the Research Center’s homepage, under Search Tools.

You can use the E-Journal Finder to search by title. If you are looking for The Washington Post, you would enter it in the search box. You will be told the date range and database that The Washington Post is featured in. You can also use the E-Journal Finder to search by subject. If you are looking for Dance journals, you would use the drop menu to locate the subject that matches your interest. You will also be given the date range and database. Once you click on the database link, you will be directed to the database to continue your search.