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Celebrating Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

The month of May is designated to celebrate Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage. The Research Center has featured several books and ebooks that deal with Asian/Pacific Islander in journalism and culture.

These books can be found on our GoodReads page, which is featured on our website. These books are on display in the book cases/shelves in the Research Center. If you’d like to check out one or more of these titles, please do.

Additionally, you can find several titles via our e-book collections. You’ll need to use your barcode for off-campus access to these resources. Please click through the following links:

Race and resistance: literature and politics in Asian America

Hollywood Asian: Philip Ahn and the politics of cross-ethnic performance

Monitored Peril: Asian Americans and the politics of TV representation

Using E-Books

The Research Center provides access to over 35,000 electronic books through Ebrary to J-School students. Additionally, CUNY Libraries subscribes to NetLibrary, which provides over 800 titles. The combination of these titles will help when you are looking for information quickly. These book titles span various subjects and topics for many of your research needs. You can view the book right from your laptop in a matter of seconds.

To access Ebrary and NetLibrary, use the Electronic Books link located under Search Tools on the Research Center’s homepage.