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New Feature: The Weekly Tweet Roundup

In case you missed it on Twitter, the Research Center will feature the latest every Monday on The Weekly Tweet Roundup

If you want these links in a more timely manner, follow us on Twitter: @cunygsjresearch

Most of these links will also be included in our Deadline Lifeline Bookmarks on Delicious, check it out: http://delicious.com/cunyjschoolresearch

Here’s the weekly roundup of valuable links that appeared on Twitter from 9/7/09-9/11/09:

And the winner is…

Barry Paddock!!! His winning caption – “Deadline Lifelines: Research Bookmarks for Journalists”.

Honorable mention goes to Emily Mayer for her entry: “Delicious Research Ready to Serve, with a Side Order of Efficiency!”

Thanks to all who participated in our contest. Your suggestions were creative, catchy and fun, but unfortunately we could only select one winner.

How to Use Deadline Lifelines Bookmarks

Using delicious.com, a social bookmarking site, the Research Center has gathered 500+ websites for your research needs.  To get the most out of this service, you’ll need to know how to use it.

Under the Journalist’s ToolBox on the Research Center’s homepage there is a link for Deadline Lifelines Bookmarks, this link takes you to the delicious.com site.

By using tags, which are one word descriptions of the site, it helps organize the hundreds of websites. delicious.com has a simple user-interface, which allows you to type in your keyword to yield results. Each tag is assigned to a web link. For example, if you are looking for Health information, use the Health and Medicine tag, it will display all of the web links that have been tagged Health and Medicine.

For deeper searching, make use of the related tags feature that appears after you select your main tag. For example, if you are searching through the Health and Medicine tagged links, look at the related links, you will be able to click on the related tags to narrow your search.

Happy Searching!

Win a $50 Gift!*

Put your headline skills to work!

The Research Center is looking for a catchy phrase to describe its del.icio.us bookmarks site currently called “Research Bookmarks”. These bookmarks link to over 500 “must know” sites for journalists and cover a variety of topics.

Email your captions to research@journalism.cuny.edu by Friday, April 4th. If your caption is chosen, you will receive a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card. The winner will be notified via e-mail by Monday, April 7th and an announcement will be posted on the Research Center Web site.

We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas!!

*Only current CUNY Graduate School of Journalism students are eligible.