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Reminder: Maintaining NYT and WSJ Digital Access

In order to keep your digital access to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal current, please follow the instructions below for the respective publications:

For New York Times Digital Access:

Your digital subscription will be active for one year – you will have to renew your subscription every year for instructions on signing up, please look at the following link:

For Wall Street Journal Digital Access:

Your digital subscription will be active for 90 days, you will then receive an email from Wall Street Journal to renew your subscription if you have been inactive. For instructions on using Wall Street Journal Digital Access, please look at the following link:

Most subscriptions require that you use your journalism.cuny.edu email address as this is a service for current students, faculty and staff.

If you are experiencing any issues, please email the Research Center.

Looking for Time Inc. periodicals? Read on…

You may have read the recent post by Jack Styczynski, Research adjunct here at the CUNY J-School regarding Time Inc. and EBSCO exclusivity deal and what it means to research.

What does this mean for you? ¬†Well, if you are searching for articles in Time, People, Sports Illustrated, and other Time Inc. periodicals, you’ll need to search beyond Lexis Nexis and Factiva — these titles are no longer available through those databases anymore.

You can use the Full Text E-Journals link, which is also located on the Research Center’s homepage under Search Tools, you can type in the title and it will direct you to the appropriate database. This goes for all periodicals (not just Time Inc. ones)

Or you can search directly in the following EBSCO databases, I have noted the more comprehensive databases for your convenience:

Academic Search Complete

Business Source Complete

MasterFILE Premier