Factiva Cheat Sheet

Choose your search terms, nouns are most useful!

Basic factiva commands to help you refine your search

and … is the most important connector you need to remember!!!!! Otherwise if you put words next to one another, Factiva will search them as a phrase. Connect using “and”, ie.: bloomberg and taxes

Search within headline/lead paragraph: hlp=(congestion pricing)

Search for two words within a # of words apart: micheal near2 bloomberg*

Search all variations of a word: legis* (this will find legislate, legislature, legislator, etc.)

Search for a byline: by=(Thomas L Friedman)

For more tips, check out this basic LexisNexis and Factiva commands guide from SF State University’s Leonard Library

Choose a date, it defaults to “In the last 3 months”

Choose a source, it defaults to “All Sources”

You can type in your source publication, then click the arrow next to search box to search.

Click on the publication to choose it, click again to remove it.

The next to each source will give you info on coverage details of that source.

Click on green button on the right to “Run Search”

Examine Your Results

On the left side, you can filter your results by the following categories in the discovery panes:

If you click on link on the on the top right, it will give you a view that allows for scrolling through articles easily.

You can choose the articles you want and click on the print icon on the top left. Choose “Article Format” and you will be able to cut and paste from the formatted pop-up. You can also email articles to yourself.

Advanced Search tips

Click on Source and under the search box, next to “select a source category” you will see the pulldown menu “my source lists.” Open that up to search Publications – by Region. Open the crosstab for North America; then United States; then click on United States – New York.

Then click on Subject and click on “Economic News”