New J-School Research Center Guide on Fact Checking, Verification and Fake News

If you haven’t already, please check out and share the CUNY J-School Research Center‘s LibGuide for Reporters on Fact Checking, Verification & Fake News

This fact-checking guide includes an Accuracy Checklist for Reporters and the Fake News  portion of the guide includes a pdf of a long-form infographic Fake News Cheat Sheet, which can also be viewed in presentation format

If you scroll down in this guide, you’ll see tabs include:

  • Checklists and Lesson Plans to Help Identify Fake News (like TEN QUESTIONS FOR NEWS DETECTION, from the News Literacy Project)
  • Fake News Sites
  • Fake News Facts
  • Pop Your Filter Bubble
  • Tech Solutions to Fake News
  • How Journalists Can Thwart Fake News 

Please feel free to use and share all or part of the LibGuide. Please also give us feedback on this guide, you can email us at 

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