Spotlight on: Summer Reading

The Research Center welcomes a guest post from Todd Simpson, Electronic Resources Librarian at CUNY York College. We hope you’ll enjoy his summer reading/watching suggestions, and stay tuned for more “Spotlight On” posts which highlight different aspects of the Research Center’s resources.

Here are some of the new titles now available at the Research Center:

Originals: How Non-Conformists move the World by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg.
This is a must read for any writer who feels guilty about a penchant for procrastination.  An entertaining, well researched exploration of the nuances of creative thought, how to manifest original ideas while disrupting groupthink.
Stories mixed with economic analysis, it’s one thing to be able to see patterns in trends, it’s entirely something else when a writer can write about the industries that will define our near future and make it both accessible and fascinating.  Are you ready for the robot invasion?
A great example of long-form journalism, Hari gives us a comprehensive history in a patchwork of personal, human stories spanning a century and the globe illustrating the disastrous, misguided and uninformed approach to drugs and addiction which comprises the United States’ War on Drugs.
Spotlight directed by Alex Garland
A DVD copy is available of the Oscar winner for Best Picture of the Year.  This film will go down in history as one of, if not the best, depiction of real life journalists doing what they do best.  Spotlight tells the story of the collaborative effort by a team of journalists at the Boston Globe to get to the truth behind the Catholic Church’s attempts to cover-up a massive scandal of child molestation.  With an unparalleled ensemble cast and acute sense for period detail, this film is riveting and should not be missed by any student of journalism.
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