Silk: a data tool for your research

Please consider using this product, Silk, for your data gathering needs. Silk is a place to publish your data, watch this brief 80 second video from them:

Be aware that this data will be curated by Silk for commercial purposes in the future.

Here are some examples of Silk  used by media organizations:

Also, here are some data projects by media and research organizations, including Silk themselves: – started this one (this is actually on the fatal encounters domain) (this is a project for HRW) – this was built by Palm Beach Post with two Silk embeds – This is a data story by a leading arabic digital rights NGO – This story was done on Silk and was named one of three MJ Bear Fellows from ONA for young journalists. – This is Silk’s own data story using Google Car Crash Data (trapped in PDFs – we liberate into Silk)



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