New J-School Research Center Guide on Fact Checking, Verification and Fake News

If you haven’t already, please check out and share the CUNY J-School Research Center‘s LibGuide for Reporters on Fact Checking, Verification & Fake News

This fact-checking guide includes an Accuracy Checklist for Reporters and the Fake News  portion of the guide includes a pdf of a long-form infographic Fake News Cheat Sheet, which can also be viewed in presentation format

If you scroll down in this guide, you’ll see tabs include:

  • Checklists and Lesson Plans to Help Identify Fake News (like TEN QUESTIONS FOR NEWS DETECTION, from the News Literacy Project)
  • Fake News Sites
  • Fake News Facts
  • Pop Your Filter Bubble
  • Tech Solutions to Fake News
  • How Journalists Can Thwart Fake News 

Please feel free to use and share all or part of the LibGuide. Please also give us feedback on this guide, you can email us at 

Spotlight on: Summer Reading

The Research Center welcomes a guest post from Todd Simpson, Electronic Resources Librarian at CUNY York College. We hope you’ll enjoy his summer reading/watching suggestions, and stay tuned for more “Spotlight On” posts which highlight different aspects of the Research Center’s resources.

Here are some of the new titles now available at the Research Center:

Originals: How Non-Conformists move the World by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg.
This is a must read for any writer who feels guilty about a penchant for procrastination.  An entertaining, well researched exploration of the nuances of creative thought, how to manifest original ideas while disrupting groupthink.
Stories mixed with economic analysis, it’s one thing to be able to see patterns in trends, it’s entirely something else when a writer can write about the industries that will define our near future and make it both accessible and fascinating.  Are you ready for the robot invasion?
A great example of long-form journalism, Hari gives us a comprehensive history in a patchwork of personal, human stories spanning a century and the globe illustrating the disastrous, misguided and uninformed approach to drugs and addiction which comprises the United States’ War on Drugs.
Spotlight directed by Alex Garland
A DVD copy is available of the Oscar winner for Best Picture of the Year.  This film will go down in history as one of, if not the best, depiction of real life journalists doing what they do best.  Spotlight tells the story of the collaborative effort by a team of journalists at the Boston Globe to get to the truth behind the Catholic Church’s attempts to cover-up a massive scandal of child molestation.  With an unparalleled ensemble cast and acute sense for period detail, this film is riveting and should not be missed by any student of journalism.

Sign up for a New York Public Library Card at the J-School Research Center on Thursday April 14th from 11am-3pm

CUNY Libraries Branch Out April 14th!
New York Public Library is an outstanding resource for CUNY J-School students and faculty, with research materials, e-books, film DVDs, music, and so much more. We’re partnering with NYPL’s Mid- Manhattan Library for an event in the CUNY J-School Research Center on Thursday, April 14th from 11am to 3pm. Sign up for library cards, get information on public library services, and more!  

What you need to get a New York Public Library card in the Research Center on Thursday April 14th:

Any person who lives, works, attends school or pays property taxes in New York State is eligible to receive a New York Public Library card free of charge.
Adults may provide only one piece of identification if it is 1 of the following valid New York State IDs:

• Current driver’s license
• Current photo learner’s permit
• Current non-driver’s identification

If the above documentation is not available, any 2 of the following forms of identification are acceptable for adults and/or young adults, provided one shows a photo and name and/or signature and the other the applicant’s current address:

• Current college or university photo ID card
• Current employee photo ID card
• New York City welfare ID card
• Current Armed Services ID card
• Alien Registration photo ID card
• Matricula Consular (Mexican CID)
• Current passport
• Medicare/Medicaid card
• Social Security card
• Birth certificate
• Medicare/Medicaid card
• New York State motor vehicle registration
• Professional, vocational or union photo ID
• Current rent bill or lease agreement
• Tax bill or receipt**
• Transit pass
• Current photo ID with signature and expiration date issued by an embassy or consulate in New York
• Statement from a homeless shelter*
• Bank statement**
• Cable, phone or utility bill**
• Any piece of mail delivered by the US Post Office**

*Note: Post office boxes are not accepted as mailing addresses. Proof of residence is required.

**Note: Any tax bills, rent receipts or statements from a homeless shelter used for verification of your identity must be dated no more than 3 months prior to the application date.

**Note: Any of the above must be dated within the last 3 months, as indicated by the postmark or date of printed e-bill.

The name and address provided to verify your identification must match the information entered on the application.

New Resource for Funding Opportunities: Pivot

Please check our new resource from the CUNY Research Foundation.

Pivot is a database providing access to the most comprehensive source of funding opportunities globally.

To access this resource, please follow this link:

Please note that users will have to set up an account initially–users must set up an account using their CUNY email and must login each time to use.

Here are training videos to help get you started:


Reminder: Maintaining NYT and WSJ Digital Access

In order to keep your digital access to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal current, please follow the instructions below for the respective publications:

For New York Times Digital Access:

Your digital subscription will be active for one year – you will have to renew your subscription every year for instructions on signing up, please look at the following link:

For Wall Street Journal Digital Access:

Your digital subscription will be active for 90 days, you will then receive an email from Wall Street Journal to renew your subscription if you have been inactive. For instructions on using Wall Street Journal Digital Access, please look at the following link:

Most subscriptions require that you use your email address as this is a service for current students, faculty and staff.

If you are experiencing any issues, please email the Research Center.

Fall Book Drive returns…

The Research Center will hold our annual book drive to continue our efforts with Better World Books.

We have been donating books through Better World Books since April 2010.

You can start bringing in your gently used books
(no reference books please) starting on Monday, September 21, 2015. The book drive will go on until Monday, December 7, 2015

The donation drop box is located in front of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism Research Center. Please RSVP on our Facebook event page to pledge your support, and spread the word!

Silk: a data tool for your research

Please consider using this product, Silk, for your data gathering needs. Silk is a place to publish your data, watch this brief 80 second video from them:

Be aware that this data will be curated by Silk for commercial purposes in the future.

Here are some examples of Silk  used by media organizations:

Also, here are some data projects by media and research organizations, including Silk themselves: – started this one (this is actually on the fatal encounters domain) (this is a project for HRW) – this was built by Palm Beach Post with two Silk embeds – This is a data story by a leading arabic digital rights NGO – This story was done on Silk and was named one of three MJ Bear Fellows from ONA for young journalists. – This is Silk’s own data story using Google Car Crash Data (trapped in PDFs – we liberate into Silk)